“What’s Next for Supervalu?” Barrie Dawson, Grocery Headquarters, October 2012.

October 30 2012 No Commented

“If I’m a competitor—if I’m Giant or ShopRite, which are the two biggest like them in this (Philadelphia) area—I’m just salivating because these guys are down. They don’t have any resources really to turn it around.”

“Supervalu was a “terrific” wholesaler about 15 years ago. Supervalu was a wholesaler that always wanted to be a retailer, and they went on this whole thing with acquisitions—Albertson’s, Jewel, Acme and all these other markets—and I don’t think they ever had the expertise necessary to run retail centers.”

“Supervalu, and its traditional retail brethren, must do more to differentiate themselves from the pack that occupies “The Big Middle” —stores that are neither discount nor high-end oriented.”

“When you’re driving down the street, what’s going to make you turn into an Acme? What will it be?”

“They say they’re not going to file for bankruptcy, but they’ve been trying to sell these properties for the last few years. I have no confidence at all that they have the ability to turn around.”

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