Think Like a Brand, Act Like a Retailer

May 5 2009 No Commented

Traditionally, retailers consider brands as those items on the shelf or on the rack that consumers come in their store to purchase. While this is true, it misses the concept of a brand and the importance of branding. Retailers have a tremendous opportunity to develop a differentiated brand but only if they realize that they are a brand. In fact, everyone is branding, whether we realize it or not. Branding is the sum of the good, the ugly, the on and the off-strategy actions that we take. It is defined by a finely worded CEO pronouncement as well as by every aloof employee and derisory consumer comment.

Brands are sponges for content, images, and fleeting feelings. Everything a company does create impressions, good or bad. If the branding process is not strategically focused the results may be catastrophic, even if the intentions are well-founded.

You cannot entirely control your brand. At best you can only guide and influence it. But how do you do that? During this lively, interactive presentation, Dr. George introduces 10 key branding concepts designed to insure that your retail operation is engaged in “an intimate dance with your customers.” The topics covered will include the concept of branding to leveraging the power of the retailer’s brand in an ever changing market.

Attendees will learn how to insure that the retailer’s targeted audience clearly recognizes its identity (beyond products on the shelves) and that the target market is able to clearly distinguish it from competing retailers.

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