IFDA Peck Fellowship – Mature Millennials v Mature Baby Boomers

September 14 2011 No Commented
This research is an attempt to better understand the older members of Generation Y and to compare their foodservice attitudes and behaviors to the older members of the Baby Boom generation. Older Generation Y will be referred to as Mature Millennials (MM). Older Baby Boomers will be referred to as Mature Baby Boomer (MBB). In particular, foodservice operators need to understand the lifestyles, foodservice attitudes and behaviors, and the use of communications technology by these two populations that comprise more than half of the total U.S. population. The research reported herein will demonstrate that each of these generations has a distinct impact on, and importance to, the foodservice industry. Differences in the generations’ approaches to foodservice and communications technology offer ample opportunities for operators to tailor their offerings to each generation and grow sales accordingly.  Download now.
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