Delightful Customer Service: 12 Steps to a Better Bottom Line

October 5 2015 No Commented

Customer service is in a crisis mode.  Consider the facts:

The American Customer Satisfaction Index stood at a barely passing grade (74) in its first year of measurement (1994).  Today it is still in the low 70’s.

  • 60% of so-called “satisfied” customers regularly switch companies or brands.
  • Last year, over one quarter of a billion Americans stopped doing business with companies with which they were “satisfied.”
  • The average company has 11% of its revenue at risk as a result of customer problems and how they are handled.
  • $1 spent on advertising yields less than $5 in incremental revenue, but that same $1 spent on improving customer service can yield more than $60 in incremental revenue.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to discover the evidence of customer service that’s missed its mark:

  • Clueless clerks roam the aisles of your supermarket or department store.
  • Customer service reps themselves often need “anger management.”
  • Customer service people answer questions with “I don’t know” or “that’s the policy.”
  • Customer complaints are often either ignored or treated with disdain.
  • Customer service hotlines that are simply not answered or which place the caller into an automated menu “black hole.”

Clearly, the efforts to date to improve customer service have failed.  Previous rules and metaphors have done little to halt the flow of buyers wandering aimlessly in search of real relationships with sellers.

Everyone talks about customer service, but little is done to convert the rhetoric to reality. This presentation based on Dr. George’s latest edition of his book on customer service (Delightful Customer Service: 12 Steps to a Better Bottom Line), focuses on the concept of customer delight as a strategic marketing advantage. If you have suffered through countless books and presentations on customer service and are thoroughly confused, this practical presentation will discuss each of the 12 steps.

This interactive presentation highlights 18 worksheets, which help you to discover what it takes to delight your customers.  These worksheets are designed for you to assess critically where your organization is relative to delighting customers.  Also, completing appropriate worksheets will enable you to put the concepts you’ve learned into action with customer delight the result of your efforts. (Book Available)

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