“Wawa Opens New Store with New Credit Card Being Offered” Brian McCullough, Daily Local News, October 9, 2015.

October 15 2015 No Commented
  • Richard J. George, a professor in the food marketing school at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, said the cards are yet another way for Wawa to stay close to its customers.
  • “I’m driving down the road, I can stop at a lot of places,” George said. “That (card with discounted prices) might be differentiator for me.”
  • Such cards give retailers yet another chance to connect with their customers, he added. Wawa has been successful with its marketing efforts, such as when it started offering ATMs with no surcharges.
  • “Something like 80 percent of the people who got cash spent money in the store. It’s all about how do I solve their problems for them,” George said of Wawa’s approach. The cards also give the company information that will allow them to direct customized coupons to their customers.
  • “From a marketing point of view, it ties them to their customers,” George said.
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