“Walmart Goes Small” David Bennett, Convenience Store Decisions, Cover Story, October 2014.

January 11 2015 No Commented
  • “They’ve announced they’re going to back off the Walmart Express, which is 12,000 square feet and go more towards the Neighborhood Markets, which leaves a void.  This leaves Walmart To Go as their only small footprint.”
  • “I don’t see that this will be a threat to Wawa and those folks, who are going more toward foodservice.”
  • “I think Walmart is more prone to go against the 7-Elevens of the world, and two classifications of trade: dollar stores and I think they’re going after CVS and Walgreens with these small footprints.”
  • “I wouldn’t bet against them.  I think this is something they are going to roll out because they are tired of the ankle biters.”
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