“Throwing Out a Life Preserver” Barrie Dawson, Grocery Headquarters Center Store Handbook, 2013-14.

January 25 2014 No Commented
  • “Look at what Applebee’s did…curbside pickup…Couldn’t the grocery industry do that?  Couldn’t we figure that out?  Consumers order by smartphone or call us and we have those four or five thing ready…stay in the car.  The idea is to bring the center store to the customer.
  • “Think about it.  Why do you have a pasta aisle with 40 SKUs of pasta at one end and at the other end you have the pasta sauce?  You have to run back and forth.  Think of some things differently.”
  • George worked on a project to more effectively merchandise dairy creamers.  His idea was to put the creamers by the coffee and sell the package.  “It almost failed…the store had difficulty keeping the coolers by the coffee stocked. The lesson learned is the convenience of customers is more important than retailer convenience.  The relocation of creamers adjacent to coffee made this combination purchase a natural for the customer.”
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