“The Clock Strikes Midnight – Haggens Horrible Year” Richard Turcsik, Grocery Headquarters, December 1, 2015 (Cover Story)

December 4 2015 No Commented
  • “Haggen didn’t understand the marketplace in terms of customers.  They are kind of premium price oriented and the Albertsons stores they bought were not. They did not understand the competitive array. They didn’t understand the whole issue of cash flow. They just didn’t have enough resources to carry them through to make the transition.”
  • “They were going from 16 stores to 160 stores—that’s a 10-fold increase. They didn’t have the necessary cash flow. I think it just caught up to them obviously much sooner than later. And now you have their demise. Everybody is suing them. People are out of work. It is a sad situation.”
  • “Haggen’s only hope is that they are suing Albertsons for $1 billion.  But that will be a long, drawn out litigation and the only ones who will get rich off of it will be the lawyers.”
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