Catch the Next Wave

August 5 2015 No Commented

Everyone knows that the food retail environment is changing. Traditional food retailers are facing diminished profits and in many cases bankruptcy. On line food shopping and non-traditional food retailers like dollar stores and drug stores are taking share and profits.  Consumers are seeking greater convenience, quicker check-out, friendlier service, more ethnic products, and now make their food purchases in a variety of non-traditional food retail outlets. As the expression says, “We can’t change the wind, but we can adjust our sails.”  In addition, the environment confronting retailers is changing dramatically, from the exponential growth of mobile apps and payments, to the emerging of omni-channels, to the decline of the center of the store.

This interactive session will highlight several of these changes and will identify real opportunities for retailers to defend against or take advantage of these changes. Examples of simple, yet effective solutions to the changing environment and the needs of today’s consumers will be presented. In addition, session attendees will be invited to add their customized solutions. In effect, the session will act as a targeted share group.

Attendees will leave with easy to implement solutions which will allow them to catch the next wave and ride it successfully to the shore, avoiding rip currents, sands bars, etc. The goal of this session is not to make the attendees better educated food retailers. The goal is to make them better food retailers.

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