Winning Marketing Strategy: The Rules

September 25 2015 No Commented

This presentation focuses on successful marketers and explores their strategies for success. This lively, interactive session identifies ten universal rules for strategic success with countless clues. Participants can forever shelve their “ad hoc” approach to strategy and can take home an approach that can be implemented the next day. In essence, this approach to marketing strategy is comparable to a chess game. The secret is to out-think your competitor. Participants are reminded that it is not “history that repeats itself,” instead it is the “failure to learn from history that repeats itself.”

Some of the rules include the following: Rule 2: Know What’s Under Your Umbrella, Rule 4: Know Your Playing Field, Rule 5: Know Who You Are Playing Against. These rules and others are invaluable if you want to avoid an “ad hoc” approach to developing a winning marketing strategy. In particular, Rule 3: Get and Stay Close to the Customer, is the basis for my extensive research, writings, and presentations on customer service.

This interactive presentation is based on Dr. George’s latest marketing strategy book with same name.  The presentation highlights several worksheets, which are designed for audience members to critically assess where their organizations are relative to developing a winning marketing strategy. Also, completing appropriate worksheets will enable you to put the rules you’ve learned into action. The result: delighted customers and increased profits.

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