“McDonald’s Stay Ahead of the Competition by Adapting with the Times” Jonathan deBurca Butler, Irish Examiner, May 8, 2015.

May 10 2015 No Commented
  • “It’s not a crisis yet.  It is a serious wake up call however. Swift, decisive action is needed sooner rather than later. Other competitors are taking meaningful market share. The rise of better burger options, such as Five Guys, and the growth of innovative fast casual options, like Chipotle with its emphasis on fresh, makes for a challenge to McDonald’s as well as the other traditional fast food operators.”
  • “I do think Steve Easterbrook deserves more time.  It appears that his initial focus, reorganization and selling 3,500 units to franchises, will save millions of dollars. But I think McDonald’s needs to simplify its menu — the first McD’s had three choices. They also need to address a change in consumer behaviour which now sees many people having five smaller meals in place of the three traditional day-parts. The McDonald’s 75-year legacy of innovation and reinvention needs to move front-and-centre if real growth in sales and profits are to return.”
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