Mark S. Allen, President & CEO, International Foodservice Distributors Association

December 19 2012 No Commented

Thank you once again for the tireless effort you put into the Peck Fellowship the past three years. It was helpful to get a “fresh” set of eyes on our industry. You hit the nail on the head with your insights into a lack of trust across the trading spectrum. It is an issue that has plagued our industry for many years. But, as you well know, it also affords tremendous opportunity for those companies willing to think and act differently.

The last phase of the research has proven to be the most valuable. As we identified a truly collaborative model and worked with distributors, brokers and manufacturers to overcome past behavior and create more sustainable, profitable relationships, I believe we are truly onto something. It has been personally rewarding to be part of something that went from words to action and has had a measureable impact on those companies willing to embrace collaboration.

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