“Hornbacher’s Move into GF Market Could Mean Stiff Competition” John Hageman, FNS, July 2015

July 15 2015 No Commented
  • “How successful Hornbacher’s will be here may partly depend on how well it can differentiate itself from competitors. Pricing and the quality of the fresh items like bread and meat are areas where supermarkets can make their mark.”
  • “Center store is hard to differentiate because everybody’s center store looks the same, the key is these perimeter departments, to develop a footprint and give people a reason to drive past one chain and visit your store.”
  • “While Hornbacher’s is replacing an existing store rather than adding another one to the market, said it could still mean additional competition if Hornbacher’s ends up being more successful than Super One.  And should that happen, consumers will benefit.”
  • “Competition makes everybody sharper.”
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