“Grocers step up their game with flagship locations” Jessica Dumont, Food Dive, Sept. 17, 2018

September 30 2018 No Commented
  • “For a long time, most supermarket operators focused on price and product, but today’s
    consumer is looking for more.”
  • “…while everyone is talking about omnichannel and online efforts, most research suggests people still go into grocery stores. In fact, recent statistics show that while online shopping is increasing, just 30% of shoppers regularly purchase online.”
  • “Grocers realize today that the in-store experience will be the key difference here.”
  • “What’s going to cause me to drive to one supermarket over the other?”
  • “Customization is a key factor to win consumers over and, ultimately, it is time for retailers to step up their game. Flagship stores are one way to do that.”
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