“Front and Center” Richard Turcsik, Grocery Headquarters, December 2013.

January 15 2014 No Commented
  • “The challenge for retailers is to think about the checkout or the front of the store as the last opportunity to solve customers’ problems.”
  • “They need to focus on not ‘what do I want’ but ‘what do I need.’ That opens up a whole other realm of merchandising at the front of the store.”
  • Keeping in mind that customers go to “where the shortest line is” George sees little appeal with the current fad of “candy-free” checkouts that offer only healthy snacks.
  • When people are on line they are looking at the conveyor and thinking, ‘Did I get everything that I need?’ It is kind of like the last checkpoint.”
  • “As a retailer, think of the thing they might have forgotten that you can merchandise there as an alternative to candy and other traditional front end items. I think that is a great opportunity.”
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