“Forward – The Wawa Way” Howard Stoeckel, April 2014.

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  • “My definition of leadership is a preacher of vision, a lover of change, and a servant to others. Servant leadership is a state of mind not a position.”
  • “This book is about the unique Wawa culture. Normally, I define culture as what happens when the boss is not around. However, Wawa’s servant leadership insures that there are no “bosses” in the traditional sense. Rather, everyone in this great organization serves one another and the customer in a caring and consistent manner.”
  • “With new thinking, new ways of doing, new ways of engaging associates, and prudent risk-taking, the Wawa Way has revolutionized the convenience store business.”
  • “The Wawa Way is not simply an engaging story (which it is); it is a message of success that emanates from the hearts and souls of people who have lived it six core values and learned from the lessons of flying geese.”
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