“Food Desert Pains” Richard Turcsik, Grocery Headquarters, July 1, 2016 (Cover Story)

July 1 2016 No Commented
  • “Supermarkets have to readapt to the changing marketplace, and especially in a small town, implement strategies to keep consumers from traversing elsewhere to shop.”
  • “You have to be the town’s draw.”  “If you have a parking lot, offer it one day a week for the high school band to practice in and serve them cookies afterward. Let the local CYO or Little League use your parking lot for a car wash, and work with the local dietician so you are perceived as the local health and wellness place.”
  • “They also need step up their game when it comes to quality.”
  • “You’ve got to have the right assortment and be spot on when it comes to fresh.”  “If people are going to a Walmart Supercenter or the town is large enough to warrant a CVS or Walgreens, they are going to have food, but not too much in the way of fresh. You have to be identified as the butcher, the artisan baker. You have to offer the things that the other stores either do not or cannot go into. You have to be perceived as the community’s grocer—you are the lifeblood and you have to do whatever it takes.”
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