CSD: Convenience Concerns

June 4 2009 No Commented
On a recent visit to his local c-store, the author encountered a sign that read, “No Cell Phones in Line.” The store owner had insisted that “the customers always come first,” but the sign seemed incongruous with that message. What do you think about the convenience store owner’s move to ban cell phone use in the checkout line?
Another alternative would be to offer a cell-phone line (assuming you had a second register). This gives customers (both cell phone and non-cell phone users) an option and they can self-select without needing to be admonished.Absent a second line, the owner can create the customer experience he is seeking but needs to do so in a way that both educates and respects his customers. People don’t like be told “no.” Therefore, the “why” and “how” need to be communicated appropriately.
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