“Costco, BJ’s, Sam’s Club: Why Millennials Love Clubbing” Jeff Wells, Food Dive, February 22, 2017 (Feature)

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  • “As club stores and many other retailers are discovering, the term “millennial” covers a wide age range that can make uniform markers misleading. Those at the younger end of the spectrum, aged 18 to 25, are more likely to be urban dwellers living in apartments. They also are more likely to rely on mass transit and other means for transportation — “the Lyft and Uber generation.”
  • “Club stores typically don’t resonate with these younger millennials. Not only are the products too big and the typically suburban locations too difficult for them to access, he said, but these shoppers are also less likely to see the value in paying for 48 rolls of toilet paper at once.”
  • “Club stores are seeing significant gains with older millennials, those aged 30 to 36. These consumers typically have more disposable income, have bought or are looking to buy a home, and are more likely to have young children.”
  • “These are what I call the true millennials. These are the folks that are forming households. They’re more likely to have a garage, an attic, a pantry where they can store all the things they buy. This is the sweet spot for club stores.”
  • “Product sampling, particularly when new, flavor-forward foods and beverages are available to try, is a hit with younger shoppers. Costco is a leader here, and its lively and ever-changing merchandise mix is a differentiator. Costco really reinforces the experience beyond price savings. They really make it a treasure hunt.”
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