Expert Witness

Dr. George has been an expert witness on a number of food marketing-related cases:

References for all past cases can be provided upon request.

2016 – Ongoing: Troche v. Bimbo Foods Bakeries Distribution, Inc.

July 15 2016 No Commented

Direct Store Delivery/Independent Operators – Industry Standards: Promotions, Scan-based Trading, and Shrink. Report delivered.

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2014 – 2015: IBN v. The Kroger Company

January 11 2015 No Commented

Advertising, Promotions & Technology.  Report delivered.  Deposition provided. Arbitration testimony given.  Positive verdict.

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2014 – 2015: Tula Foods, Inc. v. The Kroger Company

May 2 2014 No Commented

Marketing Strategy & Execution.  Report delivered.  Deposition taken. Trial testimony provided.  Positive verdict.

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2013 – 2014: D’Alterio v. Phusion, et al.

May 2 2014 No Commented

Deceptive Marketing. Opinion provided. Case settled.

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2013 – 2014: Port Richmond Thriftway v. Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., Port Richmond L.L.C.1 and Cedar Realty Trust., Inc

September 29 2013 No Commented

Definition of competition.  Report delivered, testimony provided. Case settled.

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2012 – 2014: Holiday Supermarkets, Inc. v. Regency Realty Corp., Inc., et al.

September 28 2013 No Commented

Definition of competition.  Report delivered for plaintiff.  Testimony provided.  Jury verdict in favor of plaintiff.

Damages phase.  Report delivered. Case settled.

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2012 – 2013: 27001 Partnership et al. v. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., L.P., et al.

December 28 2012 No Commented

Competitive analysis and the Walmart Effect. Report submitted. Case settled.

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2011 – 2012: Leonetti’s Frozen Foods, Inc. v. Conti-Forte, Inc., Ronald Conti and Maglio’s Fresh Foods

November 28 2012 No Commented

Shopper and consumer deception at retail and foodservice.  Report delivered and testimony provided. Case settled.

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2002 – 2007: Eastside Vend Distributors Inc. v. The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.

July 23 2009 No Commented

Analysis to determine the marketing merits of a class of trade dispute between Plaintiff and Pepsi Bottling Group. Oral opinion provided.

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2002 – 2007: Brissa, Inc. and Plaza Redbud, Inc. v. Beverage Products Corporation

July 22 2009 No Commented

Analysis to determine causation of Plaintiff’s business problems in the grocery business. Report delivered. Awaiting trial.

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