“Catching Up to Whole Foods.” Nina Amir, Grocery Headquarters, March 2009

May 5 2009 No Commented
  • “Whole Foods has been successful in attracting employees living the WF lifestyle.”
  • “It is tremendous theater, but they’ve also got a good set of actors and actresses to play the parts.”
  • “To the extent that retail grocers are partnering with national brands and coming up with their own unique store brands, they give shoppers more reason to frequent traditional supermarkets over Whole Foods.”
  • “However, I’m not particularly impressed by what has been done in the fresh area, because it is just not a big enough footprint to make a difference.”
  • “If shoppers don’t see the assortment in their tradtional supermarkets that they want in terms of natural and organic, they’ll go to Whole Foods to see if they have it.”
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