“Avalon Man Researches Beach Transactions.” Smith, Eileen. Courier-Post. July 5, 2002.

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  • “At the shore, your antennae are up for whatever might be fun… All your senses are at work.”
  • “When you’re on the boardwalk, you want to eat…You smell the Italian sausages on the grill, you see the funnel cakes and you hear me yelling, all day long: ‘Pizza!’ “Cheesesteaks!’ ‘Ice-cold lemonade!'”
  • “Its difficult not to buy something when the kids are crying for it.”
  • “When people are on vacation, they tend to be more relaxed and more open to spending money… When we don’t plan before we go shopping we’re much more vulnerable to advertisements and impulse buying.”
  • “Everything people buy, whether its cotton candy or a new car, boils down to two things: Good feelings and a solution to problems.”
  • “Instead of saying, “I want to buy a laptop (computer),’ ask yourself what problem you are trying to solve… If the problem is that you travel a great deal and need to get work done during that time, its time to start thinking about the specific features in a laptop that can help you reach that goal.”
  • “Its OK to impulse-buy M&Ms… You don’t want to impulse a buy a computer.”
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