“9 Tips for Surviving the Supermarket.” Sarah Lorge Butler, CBS Moneywatch.com., March 18, 2011.

April 12 2011 No Commented

1. Shop from a list.
2. Think about meals and menus, not just individual ingredients.
3. Check inventory before you go.
4. Look out for loss leaders. Every supermarket has items that are deeply discounted.  They’re designed to bring people in to the store and show a point of difference versus another retail chain.
5. Read the fine print. Look at the price per ounce. The best deals aren’t necessarily on the endcap where products like cookies or soft drinks are prominently displayed.
6. Be flexible about brands.  Every week, either the Cheerios or the Cornflakes are on sale.  Either Coke or Pepsi is on sale. Never at the same time.
7. Set a budget and stick to it.
8. Eat “plannedovers.” Make a double recipe of something on the weekend that you can freeze and pull out during a busy weekday.
9. Plan to splurge on occasion. Americans have been suffering from “frugality fatigue.”

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