John Ponnett, SVP Operations, Giant Carlisle Division

January 6 2016 No Commented

Dr. George recently completed a series of custom built seminars for each level of management in my organization. Having heard countless presenters over many years in the grocery industry, I can say with confidence, there is no speaker more passionate than Dr. George. (and for those of you who know, he brings the same passion and energy to his business seminars, as he does to the MBA classroom)

His ability to connect relevant industry topics with a blend of academic IQ, underpinned by highly engaging and entertaining style, kept my team on the edge of their seats…. and each seminar was an audience of 200++ team members. His ability to connect the dots on trends and their respective implications to our business, was amazing. Equally, his reach was across generations was impressive. From boomers, to millennials, with gen X and Y in between, my team simply loved his style. He was rated a 10 on our 10 point evaluation scale for each meeting. If your company is looking for a way to grow the skill set of your team members, and build their leadership capabilities, you need to have Dr. George speak to your group.

Can’t wait to have you back for another series Dr. G. (and my team is asking for an encore performance too…..)

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